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All Saints Parish Church
Thorpe Abbotts

All Saints Parish Church
All Saints Parish Church, Thorpe Abbotts


Below are the names that appear on the gravestone photographs for All Saints Parish Church, Thorpe Abbotts, Suffolk.

The church itself is just a shell without a roof.

If you would like to obtain a copy of any of the grave monument photographs shown as 'thumb-prints' on this page, please visit our 'how to order an image' page.

When there is a name without any dates, it is usually because that person is mentioned on the gravestone as the husband or wife of the deceased. If there are two names without dates, these are usually the parents of the deceased. This information is particularly useful for genealogy or family history research.

The date of birth has in most cases been calculated from the age given at death. The age given on tombstone monuments is often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual.

There are 25 legible monuments in this graveyard that have been photographed and are now indexed on this page. A number of these grave monument are from the early 1900's.

photo thumbnail family surname full names dates reference number

Henry Alden gravestone photoAldenHenry Alden1869-1911Su/TAbbotts/17

Alice Maud Barnham gravestone photoBarnhamAlice Maud Barnham1896-1932Su/TAbbotts/15

Eliza Barnham gravestone photoBarnhamEliza Barnham1864-1931Su/TAbbotts/14

Edward Chilvers gravestone photoChilversEdward Chilvers1828-1895Su/TAbbotts/11

Maria Chilvers gravestone photoChilversMaria Chilvers1805-1887Su/TAbbotts/4

Maria Chilvers gravestone photoChilversMaria Chilvers1858-1935Su/TAbbotts/16

Harry Alonza Debenham gravestone photoDebenhamHarry Alonza Debenham1863-1924Su/TAbbotts/20

Robert Debenham gravestone photoDebenhamRobert Debenham1830-1884Su/TAbbotts/21

Fredrick Dunn gravestone photoDunnFredrick Dunn -1857Su/TAbbotts/1002

Charles Fairweather gravestone photoFairweatherCharles Fairweather1865-1933Su/TAbbotts/23

Charlotte Finch gravestone photoFinchCharlotte Finch1832-1905Su/TAbbotts/9

Jeremiah Harrod gravestone photoHarrodJeremiah Harrod1845-1899Su/TAbbotts/18

George Hart gravestone photoHartGeorge Hart1861-1935Su/TAbbotts/2

Maude Hart gravestone photoHartMaude Hart1885-1912Su/TAbbotts/3

Lucy Hewett gravestone photoHewettLucy Hewett1821-1903Su/TAbbotts/5

Robert Hewett gravestone photoHewettRobert Hewett1821-1907Su/TAbbotts/6

Sarah Hewett gravestone photoHewettSarah Hewett1858-1906Su/TAbbotts/7

Robert Raymond Rayner gravestone photoRaynerRobert Raymond Rayner1802-1875Su/TAbbotts/12

Mary Stuart Reade gravestone photoReadeMary Stuart Reade1859-1909Su/TAbbotts/10

Arthue Francis Redgrave gravestone photoRedgraveArthue Francis Redgrave1887-1911Su/TAbbotts/8

Ishmael Robert Redgrave gravestone photoRedgraveIshmael Robert Redgrave1855-1923Su/TAbbotts/19

George Reeve gravestone photoReeveGeorge Reeve1832-1904Su/TAbbotts/13

Richard Rodwell gravestone photoRodwellRichard Rodwell1728-1790Su/TAbbotts/1001

William Valiant gravestone photoValiantWilliam Valiant1846-1918Su/TAbbotts/1

William West gravestone photoWestWilliam West -1883Su/TAbbotts/22

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