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St Mary Parish Church

St Mary Parish Church
St Mary Parish Church, Somerleyton


The monuments in this graveyard are currently being photographed and will be indexed for this page once they are available.

photo thumbnail family surname full names dates reference number

Caroline Alp gravestone photoAlpCaroline Alp1838 - 1895Su/Somerleyton/155

Samuel Alp gravestone photoAlpSamuel Alp1831 - 1902Su/Somerleyton/156

Charles Ashby gravestone photoAshbyCharles Ashby1846 - 1909Su/Somerleyton/152

Edward Ashby gravestone photoAshbyEdward Ashby1846 - 1860Su/Somerleyton/75

Edward Ashby gravestone photoAshbyEdward Ashby1787 - 1845Su/Somerleyton/76

George Ashby gravestone photoAshbyGeorge Ashby1810 - 1876Su/Somerleyton/78

Mills Ashby gravestone photoAshbyMills Ashby1809 - 1834Su/Somerleyton/77

robert Ashby gravestone photoAshbyrobert Ashby1817 - 1886Su/Somerleyton/130

William Ayion gravestone photoAyionWilliam Ayion - Su/Somerleyton/116

Martin Barber gravestone photoBarberMartin Barber1833 - 1859Su/Somerleyton/161

Phyllis Baxter gravestone photoBaxterPhyllis Baxter1855 - 1875Su/Somerleyton/67

John Beart gravestone photoBeartJohn Beart1724 - 1771Su/Somerleyton/123

Thomas Beart gravestone photoBeartThomas Beart1712 - 1776Su/Somerleyton/124

Cecil William Betts gravestone photoBettsCecil William Betts1887 - 1915Su/Somerleyton/190

Charlotil Betts gravestone photoBettsCharlotil Betts1793 - 1878Su/Somerleyton/169

Elizabeth Bowgin gravestone photoBowginElizabeth Bowgin1740 - 1830Su/Somerleyton/1107

John Bowgin gravestone photoBowginJohn Bowgin1780 - 1796Su/Somerleyton/102

John Bowgin gravestone photoBowginJohn Bowgin1733 - 1803Su/Somerleyton/1106

Sarah Bowgin gravestone photoBowginSarah Bowgin - Su/Somerleyton/103

Sarah Bowgin gravestone photoBowginSarah Bowgin - Su/Somerleyton/104

Robert Bowler gravestone photoBowlerRobert Bowler1829 - 1861Su/Somerleyton/87

John Bridgman gravestone photoBridgmanJohn Bridgman1747 - 1834Su/Somerleyton/1147

Robert Brown gravestone photoBrownRobert Brown1784 - 1846Su/Somerleyton/115

Robert Brown gravestone photoBrownRobert Brown1784 - 1846Su/Somerleyton/128

Mary Ann Eliza Bullard gravestone photoBullardMary Ann Eliza Bullard1864 - 1901Su/Somerleyton/164

Charles Edward Bullock gravestone photoBullockCharles Edward Bullock - 1835Su/Somerleyton/170

Susannah Candler gravestone photoCandlerSusannah Candler1777 - 1856Su/Somerleyton/158

Susannah Candler gravestone photoCandlerSusannah Candler1777 - 1856Su/Somerleyton/165

Thomas Castleton gravestone photoCastletonThomas Castleton1748 - 1830Su/Somerleyton/92

James Crawford gravestone photoCrawfordJames Crawford1824 - 1883Su/Somerleyton/153

Mary Ann Crawford gravestone photoCrawfordMary Ann Crawford1835 - 1905Su/Somerleyton/185

Richard Crawford gravestone photoCrawfordRichard Crawford1816 - 1886Su/Somerleyton/184

Thomas Crosswell gravestone photoCrosswellThomas Crosswell1741 - 1791Su/Somerleyton/81

Fredrick Crouchin gravestone photoCrouchinFredrick Crouchin - 1864Su/Somerleyton/133

James Crouchin gravestone photoCrouchinJames Crouchin1805 - 1873Su/Somerleyton/136

John William Crouchin gravestone photoCrouchinJohn William Crouchin1848 - 1865Su/Somerleyton/134

Thomas Crouchin gravestone photoCrouchinThomas Crouchin1807 - 1848Su/Somerleyton/135

Susan Crowfoot gravestone photoCrowfootSusan Crowfoot1812 - 1877Su/Somerleyton/183

Ellen Eaglestone gravestone photoEaglestoneEllen Eaglestone1849 - 1873Su/Somerleyton/74

Ann Farrow gravestone photoFarrowAnn Farrow1777 - 1853Su/Somerleyton/70

Martha Farrow gravestone photoFarrowMartha Farrow1814 - 1838Su/Somerleyton/71

Mary Farrow gravestone photoFarrowMary Farrow1776 - 1838Su/Somerleyton/89

May Farrow gravestone photoFarrowMay Farrow - 1849Su/Somerleyton/69

Stephen Farrow gravestone photoFarrowStephen Farrow1765 - 1811Su/Somerleyton/90

Edward Shearing Flatman gravestone photoFlatmanEdward Shearing Flatman1784 - 1832Su/Somerleyton/166

Honor Flatman gravestone photoFlatmanHonor Flatman1821 - 1845Su/Somerleyton/167

Robert Flatman gravestone photoFlatmanRobert Flatman1776 - 1864Su/Somerleyton/168

Elizabeth Fuller gravestone photoFullerElizabeth Fuller1821 - 1891Su/Somerleyton/154

Georgiana George gravestone photoGeorgeGeorgiana George - Su/Somerleyton/144

Martin George gravestone photoGeorgeMartin George - 1877Su/Somerleyton/146

Henry Glasspook gravestone photoGlasspookHenry Glasspook1700 - 1763Su/Somerleyton/110

Sarah Glasspook gravestone photoGlasspookSarah Glasspook1709 - 1755Su/Somerleyton/111

Sarah Grasspoole gravestone photoGrasspooleSarah Grasspoole1736 - 1809Su/Somerleyton/1129

James Green gravestone photoGreenJames Green1780 - 1858Su/Somerleyton/131

Sarah Green gravestone photoGreenSarah Green1786 - 1853Su/Somerleyton/132

Benjamin Heavers gravestone photoHeaversBenjamin Heavers1796 - 1871Su/Somerleyton/72

Sarah Heavers gravestone photoHeaversSarah Heavers1834 - 1837Su/Somerleyton/80

Susannah Heavers gravestone photoHeaversSusannah Heavers1788 - 1858Su/Somerleyton/109

William Heavers gravestone photoHeaversWilliam Heavers1761 - 1797Su/Somerleyton/108

George Holdman gravestone photoHoldmanGeorge Holdman1843 - 1887Su/Somerleyton/137

Elizabeth Holt gravestone photoHoltElizabeth Holt1802 - 1880Su/Somerleyton/126

William Holt gravestone photoHoltWilliam Holt1800 - 1837Su/Somerleyton/125

James Hunn gravestone photoHunnJames Hunn1773 - 1798Su/Somerleyton/101

Daniel Jermyn gravestone photoJermynDaniel Jermyn1819 - 1873Su/Somerleyton/62

Elizabeth Kerry gravestone photoKerryElizabeth Kerry1835 - 1908Su/Somerleyton/193

Eliza Kettle gravestone photoKettleEliza Kettle1829 - 1873Su/Somerleyton/163

John Kettle gravestone photoKettleJohn Kettle - 1865Su/Somerleyton/162

Mary Ann Kippings gravestone photoKippingsMary Ann Kippings1682 - 1701Su/Somerleyton/82

George Lawn gravestone photoLawnGeorge Lawn1831 - 1890Su/Somerleyton/66

William Maile gravestone photoMaileWilliam Maile1856 - 1912Su/Somerleyton/151

Ann Manship gravestone photoManshipAnn Manship1729 - 1818Su/Somerleyton/122

Isaac Edward Marjorum gravestone photoMarjorumIsaac Edward Marjorum - 1875Su/Somerleyton/157

Sarah Mears gravestone photoMearsSarah Mears1827 - 1853Su/Somerleyton/86

William Ezra Motts gravestone photoMottsWilliam Ezra Motts1859 - 1883Su/Somerleyton/173

Margaret Muncaster gravestone photoMuncasterMargaret Muncaster1824 - 1882Su/Somerleyton/1181

Rev. Joseph Muncaster gravestone photoMuncasterRev. Joseph Muncaster - Su/Somerleyton/1182

Sophia Newman gravestone photoNewmanSophia Newman1785 - 1861Su/Somerleyton/139

James Norton gravestone photoNortonJames Norton1811 - 1890Su/Somerleyton/98

Elizabeth Oakley gravestone photoOakleyElizabeth Oakley1845 - 1925Su/Somerleyton/171

Annie Isabel Oldman gravestone photoOldmanAnnie Isabel Oldman1880 - 1937Su/Somerleyton/1160

William Oldman gravestone photoOldmanWilliam Oldman1835 - 1889Su/Somerleyton/1

James Osborn gravestone photoOsbornJames Osborn1870 - 1929Su/Somerleyton/1159

Cornelius Page gravestone photoPageCornelius Page - 1818Su/Somerleyton/85

Martha Page gravestone photoPageMartha Page1742 - 1810Su/Somerleyton/83

Theophilus Page gravestone photoPageTheophilus Page1765 - 1850Su/Somerleyton/79

William Page gravestone photoPageWilliam Page1812 - 1831Su/Somerleyton/84

William Pearson gravestone photoPearsonWilliam Pearson1827 - 1880Su/Somerleyton/127

Mary Perfect gravestone photoPerfectMary Perfect1820 - 1892Su/Somerleyton/180

Mary Martha Phillippo gravestone photoPhillippoMary Martha Phillippo1845 - 1906Su/Somerleyton/148

Charles Pope gravestone photoPopeCharles Pope1795 - 1859Su/Somerleyton/93

Charles Pope gravestone photoPopeCharles Pope1819 - 1910Su/Somerleyton/178

James Pope gravestone photoPopeJames Pope1784 - 1814Su/Somerleyton/94

James Pope gravestone photoPopeJames Pope1761 - 1824Su/Somerleyton/95

John Pope gravestone photoPopeJohn Pope1782 - 1852Su/Somerleyton/91

John Pope gravestone photoPopeJohn Pope1828 - 1864Su/Somerleyton/97

Maria Pope gravestone photoPopeMaria Pope1790 - 1865Su/Somerleyton/99

Sarah Pope gravestone photoPopeSarah Pope1755 - 1825Su/Somerleyton/96

Henry Anthony Porter gravestone photoPorterHenry Anthony Porter1852 - 1915Su/Somerleyton/1175

Margaret Porter gravestone photoPorterMargaret Porter1894 - 1917Su/Somerleyton/1176

Mary Ann Walker Reeve gravestone photoReeveMary Ann Walker Reeve1809 - 1888Su/Somerleyton/186

Charles Albert Heavers Richmond gravestone photoRichmondCharles Albert Heavers Richmond1868 - 1896Su/Somerleyton/179

William Richmond gravestone photoRichmondWilliam Richmond1861 - 1939Su/Somerleyton/1065

George Robert Rix gravestone photoRixGeorge Robert Rix1826 - 1894Su/Somerleyton/191

Jabez Roberts gravestone photoRobertsJabez Roberts1807 - 1885Su/Somerleyton/114

Mary Roberts gravestone photoRobertsMary Roberts1832 - 1903Su/Somerleyton/113

Elizabeth Roll gravestone photoRollElizabeth Roll1824 - 1888Su/Somerleyton/177

Ann Roman gravestone photoRomanAnn Roman1752 - 1808Su/Somerleyton/119

Henry Roman gravestone photoRomanHenry Roman1726 - 1805Su/Somerleyton/121

Sarah Roman gravestone photoRomanSarah Roman - 1759Su/Somerleyton/117

Thomas Roman gravestone photoRomanThomas Roman - 1770Su/Somerleyton/118

Benjamin Rumsby gravestone photoRumsbyBenjamin Rumsby1806 - 1848Su/Somerleyton/141

Benjamin Rumsby gravestone photoRumsbyBenjamin Rumsby1838 - 1907Su/Somerleyton/143

Sarah Rumsby gravestone photoRumsbySarah Rumsby1844 - 1899Su/Somerleyton/140

Laura Rumsey gravestone photoRumseyLaura Rumsey - Su/Somerleyton/174

Eliza Saker gravestone photoSakerEliza Saker1863 - 1911Su/Somerleyton/150

John William Saker gravestone photoSakerJohn William Saker1896 - 1913Su/Somerleyton/149

Mary Ann Sherwood gravestone photoSherwoodMary Ann Sherwood1829 - 1902Su/Somerleyton/189

Robert Simnett gravestone photoSimnettRobert Simnett1834 - 1909Su/Somerleyton/187

Samuel Simnett gravestone photoSimnettSamuel Simnett - 1881Su/Somerleyton/188

Susan Thacker gravestone photoThackerSusan Thacker1846 - 1920Su/Somerleyton/1138

Rebecca Ward gravestone photoWardRebecca Ward1824 - 1857Su/Somerleyton/73

George Warnes gravestone photoWarnesGeorge Warnes1833 - 1916Su/Somerleyton/172

John Weer gravestone photoWeerJohn Weer1807 - 1840Su/Somerleyton/88

Benjamin White gravestone photoWhiteBenjamin White1784 - 1868Su/Somerleyton/142

Hannah White gravestone photoWhiteHannah White1819 - 1902Su/Somerleyton/145

Lucy Wright gravestone photoWrightLucy Wright1829 - 1866Su/Somerleyton/63

Charles Page gravestone photoPageCharles Page1811 - 1832Su/Somerleyton/85

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