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All Saints & St. Margarets
Parish Church

Parish Church
All Saints & St. Margarets Parish Church

Pakefield Church is famous for its 'pirate' graves. There are a number of monuments that have 'scull and crossbones'. scull and crossbones
John Harman's headstone


Below are the names that appear on the gravestone photographs for the Parish Church, Pakefield, Suffolk.

If you would like to obtain a copy of any of the photographs shown as 'thumb-prints' on this page, please visit our 'how to order an image' page.

When there is a name without any dates, it is usually because that person is mentioned on the gravestone as the husband or wife of the deceased. If there are two names without dates, these are usually the parents of the deceased. This information is particularly useful for genealogy or family history research.

Only pre 1900 legible monumental stones are included on this index page.

The date of birth has in most cases been calculated from the age given at death. The age given on tombstone monuments is often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual.

This page is currently about 25% complete.

photo thumbnail family surname full names dates

gravestone photo thumbnailAdamsSusannah Adams1853-1893Su/Pa38

gravestone photo thumbnailAstimanallMary Astimanall1690-1760Su/Pa1002

gravestone photo thumbnailBarlowElizabeth Barlow1777-1847Su/Pa45

gravestone photo thumbnailBruceHenry Bruce1834-1907Su/Pa30

gravestone photo thumbnailColbyJeremiah Colby1841-1884Su/Pa16

gravestone photo thumbnailColbyMaria Colby1877-1897Su/Pa47

gravestone photo thumbnailColbyNathaniel Colby1806-1882Su/Pa24

gravestone photo thumbnailColbySusannah Mary Colby1863-1879Su/Pa15

gravestone photo thumbnailColeJohn F. Cole1840-1900Su/Pa33

gravestone photo thumbnailColeJohn Gibborn Cole1841-1905Su/Pa32

gravestone photo thumbnailCrickmayElizabeth Crickmay1806-1897Su/Pa43

gravestone photo thumbnailCrispSarah Crisp1821-1891Su/Pa21

gravestone photo thumbnailDynleElizabeth Dynle1831-1886Su/Pa29

gravestone photo thumbnailFarmerSarah Ann Farmer1861-1902Su/Pa35

gravestone photo thumbnailFisherJohn Fisher1821-1890Su/Pa28

gravestone photo thumbnailHarmanJohn Harman-1702Su/Pa3

gravestone photo thumbnailHunterEdward Hunter1846-1903Su/Pa49

gravestone photo thumbnailJohnsonRobert Johnson1821-1880Su/Pa10

gravestone photo thumbnailKingAnn King1812-1880Su/Pa54

gravestone photo thumbnailKnightsJames William Knights1844-1873Su/Pa55

gravestone photo thumbnailLewisWilliam Lewis1800-1890Su/Pa13

gravestone photo thumbnailLincolnCharles Edward Lincoln1867-1895Su/Pa25

gravestone photo thumbnailLingwoodHarriet Lingwood1804-1880Su/Pa22

gravestone photo thumbnailMartinGeorge Martin1815-1881Su/Pa41

gravestone photo thumbnailMartinWilliam Martin-1880Su/Pa53

gravestone photo thumbnailMatchettMinnie Matchett1881-1884Su/Pa26

gravestone photo thumbnailMatchettWilliam Matchett1836-1898Su/Pa44

gravestone photo thumbnailMillerElizabeth Miller1724-1731Su/Pa1001

gravestone photo thumbnailMillerJohn Miller-1748Su/Pa1006

gravestone photo thumbnailMillsJames Mills-Su/Pa6

gravestone photo thumbnailMullenderBenjamine Mullender-1850Su/Pa18

gravestone photo thumbnailMullenderCatherine Mullender1761-1837Su/Pa5

gravestone photo thumbnailMullenderJohn Mullender1812-1853Su/Pa4

gravestone photo thumbnailMullenderMary Ann Mullender1783-1832Su/Pa17

gravestone photo thumbnailPipeHenry Pipe1820-1882Su/Pa42

gravestone photo thumbnailPitcherEleanor Pitcher1803-1885Su/Pa27

gravestone photo thumbnailPopeHarold Warwick Pope1902-1903Su/Pa34

gravestone photo thumbnailReeveJames Reeve1831-1904Su/Pa36

gravestone photo thumbnailRichesGeorge Riches1888-1895Su/Pa20

gravestone photo thumbnailRouseSamuel Rouse1712-1788Su/Pa51

gravestone photo thumbnailRushmerNorman Rushmer1875-1902Su/Pa19

gravestone photo thumbnailRushmerWilliam Rushmer1819-1897Su/Pa40

gravestone photo thumbnailScarffJoseph Scarff1820-1887Su/Pa14

gravestone photo thumbnailSealerGeorge Sealer1822-1891Su/Pa46

gravestone photo thumbnailSeelarJohn Seelar1808-1874Su/Pa2

gravestone photo thumbnailSeelarJohn Seelar1788-1854Su/Pa8

gravestone photo thumbnailSeelarMaria Seelar1820-1865Su/Pa7

gravestone photo thumbnailSopehamJohn Giles Sopeham1810-1903Su/Pa31

gravestone photo thumbnailSquireImocene Squire1821-1886Su/Pa1005

gravestone photo thumbnailSquireJames Squire1822-1887Su/Pa1004

gravestone photo thumbnailStanfordMary Stanford1702-1761Su/Pa57

gravestone photo thumbnailStoneWilliam Stone1849-1879Su/Pa9

gravestone photo thumbnailThompsonMary Thompson1816-1886Su/Pa23

gravestone photo thumbnailTovellHarriett Tovell1828-1881Su/Pa1003

gravestone photo thumbnailTuttleGeorge Tuttle1837-1895Su/Pa39

gravestone photo thumbnailTyrrellWilliam Tyrrell1815-1892Su/Pa11

gravestone photo thumbnailWarfordHannah Warford1800-1878Su/Pa12

gravestone photo thumbnailWarfordMartha Warford1794-1875Su/Pa1

gravestone photo thumbnailWeeksMary Ann Weeks1795-1881Su/Pa52

gravestone photo thumbnailWelchWilliam Welch1845-1897Su/Pa37

gravestone photo thumbnailWestWilliam West1801-1879Su/Pa50

gravestone photo thumbnailWiseCharlotte Loraine Wise1848-1900Su/Pa48

gravestone photo thumbnailWoodsJohn Woods-Su/Pa56

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