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St Bartholomew's Parish Church

St Bartholomew's Parish Church, Corton
St Bartholomew's Parish Church, Corton


Below are the names that appear on the gravestone photographs for the St Bartholomew's Parish Church, Corton, Suffolk.

If you would like to obtain a copy of any of the grave monument photographs shown as 'thumb-prints' on this page, please visit our 'how to order an image' page.

When there is a name without any dates, it is usually because that person is mentioned on the gravestone as the husband or wife of the deceased. If there are two names without dates, these are usually the parents of the deceased. This information is particularly useful for genealogy or family history research.

The date of birth has in most cases been calculated from the age given at death. The age given on tombstone monuments is often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual.

There are 49 monuments in this graveyard that have been indexed on this page.

photo thumbnail family surname full names dates

Mary Louisa Archer gravestone photoArcherMary Louisa Archer1847-1903Su/corton/none

Ann Athowe gravestone photoAthoweAnn Athowe1807-1872Su/corton/none

Henry Athowe gravestone photoAthoweHenry Athowe1780-1851Su/corton/none

Elizabeth Beckett gravestone photoBeckettElizabeth Beckett1847-1848Su/corton/none

Sarah Botson gravestone photoBotsonSarah Botson1730-1759Su/corton/none

James Brame gravestone photoBrameJames Brame1723-1745Su/corton/none

Susanna Brooke gravestone photoBrookeSusanna Brooke1657-1711Su/corton/none

Rebecca Brown gravestone photoBrownRebecca Brown1813-1899Su/corton/none

Robert Brown gravestone photoBrownRobert Brown1806-1884Su/corton/none

Mattias Henry Burgess gravestone photoBurgessMattias Henry Burgess1868-1905Su/corton/none

Frederick Cooper Buttifant gravestone photoButtifantFrederick Cooper Buttifant1849-1940Su/corton/none

Frederick William Buttifant gravestone photoButtifantFrederick William Buttifant1876-1904Su/corton/50

Elizabeth Castleton gravestone photoCastletonElizabeth Castleton1799-1842Su/corton/none

Joseph Castleton gravestone photoCastletonJoseph Castleton1766-1844Su/corton/none

Mary Ann Castleton gravestone photoCastletonMary Ann Castleton1797-1845Su/corton/none

Mary Chaston gravestone photoChastonMary Chaston1729-1793Su/corton/none

Robert William Eves gravestone photoEvesRobert William Eves1867-1882Su/corton/none

William Eves gravestone photoEvesWilliam Eves1753-1830Su/corton/none

Ann Gilbert gravestone photoGilbertAnn Gilbert1742-1808Su/corton/none

Elizabeth Gilbert gravestone photoGilbertElizabeth Gilbert1781-1788Su/corton/none

Henry Gilbert gravestone photoGilbertHenry Gilbert1772-1790Su/corton/none

Samuel Gilbert gravestone photoGilbertSamuel Gilbert1741-1789Su/corton/none

Samuel Gilbert gravestone photoGilbertSamuel Gilbert -Su/corton/none

John Haltaway gravestone photoHaltawayJohn Haltaway1671-1711Su/corton/none

Thomas Hannant gravestone photoHannantThomas Hannant1798-1880Su/corton/none

Thomas James Hannant gravestone photoHannantThomas James Hannant1822-1905Su/corton/none

George Howell gravestone photoHowellGeorge Howell1769-1832Su/corton/none

George Howell gravestone photoHowellGeorge Howell1793-1826Su/corton/none

Susanna Howell gravestone photoHowellSusanna Howell1771-1838Su/corton/none

Thomas Howes gravestone photoHowesThomas Howes1731-1755Su/corton/none

Thomas Howes gravestone photoHowesThomas Howes -1758Su/corton/none

Rhoda Land gravestone photoLandRhoda Land1814-1833Su/corton/none

James Ling gravestone photoLingJames Ling1772-1851Su/corton/none

John Mewse gravestone photoMewseJohn Mewse1740-1808Su/corton/none

James Mills gravestone photoMillsJames Mills1792-1834Su/corton/none

James Mills gravestone photoMillsJames Mills1805-1847Su/corton/none

Christina Paterson Fairley Nicol gravestone photoNicolChristina Paterson Fairley Nicol1900-1967Su/corton/none

Abigail Penn gravestone photoPennAbigail Penn1695-1727Su/corton/none

Hannah Penn gravestone photoPennHannah Penn1697-1728Su/corton/none

Mary Penn gravestone photoPennMary Penn1704-1710Su/corton/none

William Pycraft Soanes gravestone photoSoanesWilliam Pycraft Soanes1788-1871Su/corton/none

Benjamin Stacey gravestone photoStaceyBenjamin Stacey1784-1833Su/corton/none

Mary Ward gravestone photoWardMary Ward1687-1717Su/corton/none

Ellen Widdows gravestone photoWiddowsEllen Widdows1843-1850Su/corton/none

Robert Wilson gravestone photoWilsonRobert Wilson1805-1852Su/corton/none

Elizabeth Woodthorpe gravestone photoWoodthorpeElizabeth Woodthorpe1758-1810Su/corton/none

James Woolnough gravestone photoWoolnoughJames Woolnough1778-1801Su/corton/none

Stephen Woolnough gravestone photoWoolnoughStephen Woolnough1741-1808Su/corton/none

Henry Youmans gravestone photoYoumansHenry Youmans1830-1834Su/corton/none

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