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Gravestone photograph resource project

How to order photographs

High quality digital copies of any of the photographic images within this web site are available free of charge.

To make use of this free service please email us at Gravestone Photograph Resource photos. Please make sure you include the words 'Photo request' in the email subject otherwise your email request may be rejected by the anti-spam system. Also please make sure you give your full name and email address together with details of the photo you require. The details required are the county, the church or cemetary name, the individuals name and the image reference number (this is the number on the right hand side of each entry on a web page).

Please also make sure you put details of your request in the subject line of your email. If you do not do this then your email may be rejected by the anti-spam software that runs on our email server.

Because the Gravestone photographic resource project is run on a voluntary basis, you may only order one photo image. However, if you are interested in more than one image please give details as we do make special exceptions.

Because the resource is offered as a free service that does not recieve any external funding, we do rely on donations to help cover the costs. In the five years the resource has been running, it has sent out hundreds of images free of charge and recieved a total of 80 in donations (up to 1 June 2005). This means that the resource continues to run at a loss.

Donations are needed to help fund the project. If you think you would like to donate to the project, please use one of the button below:

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