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Surname Index

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This is the A to Z name index for the gravestone photographic resource project. This A to Z index is updated each month.

family nameindividual's namedatesgraveyardcounty

LaccoheeElizabeth Laccohee1729-1808Norwich St George ColegateNorfolk

LaccoheeJohn Laccohee1729-1805Norwich St George ColegateNorfolk

LaccoheeSamuel Laccohee1771-1849Norwich St George ColegateNorfolk

LackElizabeth Lack-1883Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LackJames Lack-1880Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LandAubrey William Land1905-1921BarnbySuffolk

LandEliza Blize Land1840-1910BarnbySuffolk

LandElizabeth Land -BarnbySuffolk

LandEllen Land -BarnbySuffolk

LandGeorge Land1838-1916BarnbySuffolk

LandSusannah Land -BarnbySuffolk

LandWalter Land -BarnbySuffolk

LandWilliam Land -1780BarnbySuffolk

LandWilliam Land1840-1917BarnbySuffolk

LangleyJohn Langley1820-1860FrostendenSuffolk

LansdaleEdward Lansdale-Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LansdalePriscilla Lansdale-Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LansdalePriscilla Lansdale-Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LarkFrances Lark1826-1891Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LarkJames Lark1825-1873Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LarkTilly Matilda Lark1865-1905Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LarkeAlfred Larke -MutfordSuffolk

LarkeElizabeth Larke -1819Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LarkeJohn Larke1729-1773Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LarkeSophia Larke1781-1819MutfordSuffolk

LeabonJames Leabon1795-1811BarnbySuffolk

LeabonJohn Leabon -BarnbySuffolk

LeeAmy Lee -BarnbySuffolk

LeeAmy Lee1796-1856BarnbySuffolk

LeeEliza Evangeline Lee1886-1964BarnbySuffolk

LeeGeorge Lee -BarnbySuffolk

LeeGeorge Lee1826-1903BarnbySuffolk

LeeHannah Lee -North CoveSuffolk

LeeHannah Lee1837-1906North CoveSuffolk

LeeHenry Lee1876-1949BarnbySuffolk

LeeJohn Grimble Lee1858-1935BarnbySuffolk

LeeJohn Lee -BarnbySuffolk

LeeJohn Lee -BarnbySuffolk

LeeJohn Lee -BarnbySuffolk

LeeJohn Lee -North CoveSuffolk

LeeJohn Lee1772-1859BarnbySuffolk

LeeJohn Lee1779-1851BarnbySuffolk

LeeJohn Lee1783-1860BarnbySuffolk

LeeLaura Lee -BarnbySuffolk

LeeLaura Mary Lee1861-1950BarnbySuffolk

LeeMargaret Francis Lee -BarnbySuffolk

LeeMarhta Lee1810-1870North CoveSuffolk

LeeMartha Lee -North CoveSuffolk

LeeMary Lee1775-1841BarnbySuffolk

LeeRichard Lee -North CoveSuffolk

LeeRichard Lee1849-1928North CoveSuffolk

LeeRobert Lee -North CoveSuffolk

LeeSamuel Lee1801-1877BarnbySuffolk

LeeWilliam Lee1780-1825BarnbySuffolk

LeeWilliam Lee1810-1832BarnbySuffolk

LeeWilliam Lee1891-1913BarnbySuffolk

LemanEdgar George Leman1834-1852Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LemanEdgar Leman -Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LemanLouisa Leman -Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LeverettJemima Leverett1856-1909FrostendenSuffolk

LeverettJoseph Leverett -FrostendenSuffolk

LewisAnn Lewis1814-1884BarnbySuffolk

LewisJoseph Lewis1861-1889PakefieldSuffolk

LewisSarah Ann Lewis-PakefieldSuffolk

LewisSusannah Lewis-PakefieldSuffolk

LewisWilliam Lewis1800-1890PakefieldSuffolk

LillyMary Ann Lilly1835-1861WrenthamSuffolk

LillyR.W. Lilly -WrenthamSuffolk

LincolnCharles Edward Lincoln1867-1895PakefieldSuffolk

LincolnElizabeth Lincoln1744-1811WrenthamSuffolk

LincolnJames Lincoln -WrenthamSuffolk

LincolnJames Lincoln1748-1829WrenthamSuffolk

LingwoodHarriet Lingwood1804-1880PakefieldSuffolk

LloydElizabeth Lloyd1766-1819WrenthamSuffolk

LloydJames Lloyd -WrenthamSuffolk

LongElizabeth Mary Long -1855Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LongJoseph Long -Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LongMary Ann Long -Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LooseAndreas Loose1846-1927OultonSuffolk

LooseEliza Jane Loose1851-1915OultonSuffolk

LowewellSarah Lowewell-1870Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LowewellThomas Lowewell-Lowestoft St MargaretSuffolk

LydamoreFrancis Mabel Lydamore -1893Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LydamoreJames Lydamore -Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LydamoreRobert Lydamore1800-1864RushmereSuffolk

LydamoreSarah Lydamore -RushmereSuffolk

LydamoreSusanna Lydamore -1888Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

LydamoreSusanna Lydamore1814-1862Henstead cum HulverSuffolk

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